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About Us


Our mission is to provide modern women, high quality feminine and sensual clothing, use durable and easy care materials. In Black The Time Jeans we work hard on creating pieces that highlight the beauty of the female figure and design the cutting-edge clothing that transcends cultural barriers.


Our vision is to expand our line of women’s clothing to all the markets of the American continent and conquer the European market with daring, comfortable designs of high quality, easy care and above all enhance the silhouette of women.


Our Clothing Line BLACK THE TIME JEANS was born in 1999 in Colombia, with the creation of high fashion jeans that highlight the figure of women.

Our passion is to exalt the sensuality of each woman, for this reason, our group of designers has worked meticulously in the making of garments that model the steel and legs without sacrificing comfort.

Our designers have selected the materials used in the making of jeans to ensure the durability and excellent quality of the product. Thanks to the strong success of the first collections sold in Colombia and the high demand presented in the United States and Spain, we decided to expand not only the production but also the designs, in which we work hard to make them more and more exclusive , as they have been our hallmark in all markets. Their garments are produced under rigorous quality controls, the best raw materials and state-of-the-art technology. Within their processes, they have developed a synergy between creativity, design and quality that makes the final product reach the customer’s hands with a special added value.

BLACK THE TIME JEANS offers clothing with a range of sizes and shades; in our line we include, jeans, jackets, blouses, focused on female clients of all ages.

With every stitch and every detail, NEGRO EL TIEMPO JEANS, has positioned itself as one of the most stable companies in the fashion market, and with innovative ideas we have conquered the heart of kilometers of women, who love the sexy and sympathetic verse, thanks to our products.

Currently has points of sale in Colombia and countries like United States, Panama, Bolivia, Chile, Spain.

It is a pleasure for us to invite you to our collection and to have clients like you.